Phats & Small

In the world of electronic music, there are numerous names that have left an indelible mark in the hearts of millions of listeners. However, among the multitude of talented producers and DJs, Phats & Small stand out as shining representatives of the golden era of house music, blending elements of disco, funk and house in their tracks and creating a unique sound that still resonates on dance floors and radio waves to this day.

Phats & Small is a British group consisting of Jason Hayward (DJ Phats), Russell Small and vocalist Ben Ofoedu, formed in 1998. Their primary genre is house and dance music.

Fate brought them together when Jason and Russell started working at a music store in Brighton (United Kingdom). Their shared love for electronic music brought them closer, and they decided to collaborate on creating their own music.

Within a year of the music collective’s existence, they released their first album, which captivated listeners with the trackTurn Around”. This track became a true hit, reaching high positions on the charts in many countries, including the UK, Germany, and Australia.

Turn Around” will forever remain a classic of house music, thanks to its infectious melody and vocal performance.

In 2001, the group released their second album, but this time without their lead vocalist, Ben, who was replaced by a backup vocalist. Ben left the group to pursue a solo career as a singer, composer, and producer.

After a few years of relative quiet, the group returned to the stage with the familiar vocalist Ben Ofoedu and a new vocalist, Kerry Luer.

Over time, house music underwent changes, but Phats & Small remained true to their roots. They continued to release new music and perform on global stages.

In the early 2020s, Phats & Small returned with renewed energy and tracks that once again captured the audience’s attention. Their music remains popular among both long-time fans and a new generation of electronic music enthusiasts.

Phats & Small is not just a musical duo; they are icons of electronic music who blend styles and sounds, creating a unique atmosphere on dance floors worldwide. Their music embodies the spirit of the golden era of house and continues to inspire and delight listeners. They prove that true passion for music can transcend time and trends, and their music is eternal, continuing to resonate in people’s hearts.

Phats & Small – Turn Around (Youngr Bootleg)

Listening Sensations

It’s summer, a cool yet warm night. Somewhere far beyond the city, a dance music festival is in full swing. You walk towards this place, a couple of kilometers away from it. The sounds from there reach you muffled, but you already know that high-quality dance music and the people it brings together are waiting for you ahead. You get closer and immerse yourself in the atmosphere that reigns at the festival, making you move to the beat. The music leaves no one indifferent. Multicolored laser beams of color-music shine from the stage onto the dancing bodies. You let go of your thoughts, life’s troubles, worries, and simply allow your body to relax and dissolve in what’s happening.