Alec Troniq

Alec Troniq – German musician and producer. He is also referred to as the radar of electronic music. When synthetic waves were just beginning to capture the attention of an entire nation three decades ago, his senses were already tuned to their full perception. Since then, his unwavering demand has been to transform techno and house into something more than just club music. His sensitive arrangements between energy and emotion can invariably be found at the top of various charts, as well as on labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Nervous, Broque, Microtonal, or on his own label IPOLY MUSIC. Alec Troniq himself can be found anywhere: whether at beach festivals in Estonia or at dawn at Nature One, in clubs far from London, on the main stage of Ferropolis, or alongside DJ Hell at Lethargy (a festival in Zurich).

He was born in 1986 in East Germany, and his early musical experiences from childhood are directly related to the rise in popularity of the techno music style after the reunification of Germany. Growing up in an atmosphere of detachment and curiosity, he was too young for clubs. But techno music resonated deeply within him. In his childhood, he fully immersed himself in this direction, not even suspecting about people dancing in clubs and using drugs. For him, these things are not connected, so he always primarily connects with the music, while perceiving club culture as something that people do around music.

Alec Troniq – Pimpernuckel (Original Mix)

Alec Troniq feat. Gabriel Vitel – Pimpernuckel

Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel – Groove Symphony: Neue Welt

Listening Sensations

I want to break away from the gray weekdays, buy tickets to Dresden (Germany), and have some fun… drinking beer, chasing it with schnapps, and just having a good time! To feel my freedom, independence and carefree childhood again… getting lost in the quality music of dance clubs and meeting a girl. Then another one, and locking ourselves in a room for a few days… drinking and having fun. Then drink again, and again have some fun… and back to the clubs.